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How to Clear Dry Skin, Body Spots and Patches

Kick that dryness out of your skin with our LUXURY YELLOW SISI shower cream and our WHITENING LOTION.

Our lotion is infused with the best of mango butter base to moisturize and protect even the driest of skin.

All my dry skin sisters and brothers gather here. This combo is solution to all skin challenges.

Also removes, body spots and patches.


Combo is 19k

Lotion is 14k

Shower Cream is 5k

Do you have any Skincare Challenge or Question, you can ask in the comment section. We offer FREE one-on-one consultation.

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@tontoskinglow we are your sure skincare plug, from Face to Cream & Lotion to Soap to Supplements to Exfoliants to even an eLearning center where you can have access to several Skincare Courses.

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